Meeting Rooms FAQ

  1. Why book a Tower Executive Suites (TES) meeting room?
    You will have a choice of 3 meeting rooms and executive day office. Your meeting rooms, or conference room delivers a professional atmosphere equipped with high-speed Internet service and free local calling. Our professional meeting room staff has the skills to accommodate your needs from presentation preparation to technical assistance. Photocopiers, color laser printing, facsimile and other services are also available for our meeting room clients. In short, we have all the accommodations to make your meeting a success.
  2. Why outsource your meeting rooms?
    Tower Executive Suites (TES) meeting rooms are the solution for low-cost flexible meeting space. We are able to accommodate any meeting room need — from standard meeting rooms to conference room and board room functions. The TES meeting room support staff is available on demand to handle specific requests. With our meeting room you get a professional workspace, allowing your meetings to be more productive. What types of meetings does our center accommodate? A TES meeting room is cost-effective and tailored to meet your needs. Whether it is a standard meeting room, conference room or board room, we’ve got you covered. Our meeting room includes amenities such as free calling and high-speed Internet service. The meeting room support staff ensures that meeting rooms portray a professional environment, free from the headaches and hassles of a busy office or impersonal hotel, so you can focus on your business.
  3. Is meeting room support available?
    Yes! Meeting room staff specifically trained in managing high-level meetings will service your needs. Should you require equipment setup or administrative preparation for your meeting, our staff has the tools and know-how required to assist. Our meeting room staffs are trained in accommodating all of your needs, whether you need a standard meeting room, a training room, a conference room or an interview room.
  4. What kind of experience will I have with a Tower Executive Suites meeting room?
    Our meeting room will allow you and your guests to focus on your work. And since our staff supports our meeting rooms, you will have no outside distractions. Your attendees will be greeted by a professional team in our spacious reception areas and shown to your assigned meeting room. Tower Executive Suites meeting rooms are available in different styles, conference rooms, interview rooms and board room layouts.
  5. What is included in a Tower Executive Suites meeting room?
    Our staff will have your meeting room waiting for your use according to your specific layout. You can choose from a standard meeting room, conference room or board room. Free flip charts and white boards, free high-speed Internet access (Hard wired and wireless) and free calls are readily available in our meeting rooms. You will have access to TV/VCRs. Plus, you will have meeting room staff available to streamline your presentation setup. Catering can be included with a full-day meeting room standard package and also available for a half-day meeting room booking.
  6. Is catering available for my meeting room?
    Yes, whether you choose a standard meeting room, conference room or board room, catering is available. We’ll handle the ordering and delivery to your meeting room so you can focus on your meeting.
  7. Are any other business center amenities available with a meeting room?
    Business centers feature a lobby area in addition to a number of meeting room, conference room and board room configurations. Self-service coffee, tea and water are complimentary for your meeting room guests or by request in the meeting room. As a meeting room client you may also access our secretarial services for presentation preparation, as well as our photocopying, fax, printing, faxing and administrative services.
  8. Can I be reached during my meeting?
    A Tower Executive Suites meeting room allows you to focus. If you expect to be contacted please instruct your meeting room receptionist how you would like your calls to be handled. Our receptionists will handle your messages or forward calls to your meeting room, conference room or board room according to your instructions. This means that you can receive calls in your meeting room or have them held until a time that is convenient for you.
  9. Is your meeting room pricing easy to understand?
    Tower Executive Suites meeting rooms feature standard pricing with optional amenities available. With pricing by the day or half-day or hour, our meeting room pricing is both flexible and easy to understand.
  10. Is there any benefit in being a frequent Tower Executive Suites meeting room customer?
    Everyone can benefit from a Tower Executive Suites meeting room. Ask about special discounts for multiple meeting room bookings. If you are a frequent customer you may also be eligible to take advantage of our corporate meeting room booking process.
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